Scott H Silverman’s Happy Hour

Tom Sayer_In Recovery_June_16_2021

June 16, 2021

"I have a little "bottom envy" for those who have a much better drunk-a-log than mine. I was pretty much still having fun for the most part – it hadn't gotten horribly dark, and my consequences were still somewhat manageable. But I was on a track that was not going to take me to where I am today. I was heading for disaster. I came to a fork in the road, and I ended up going in a new direction. The elevator was going down – I just got off before hit an extremely low bottom.  

I've been sober since October 21, 1989. I have two Home Groups, if that is allowed – Harmony Group in Ocean Beach, where I got sober and spent a good 10-years on a daily basis. I'm back down there – on ZOOM now -- three of four mornings per week. And Rancho Bernardo Early Birds at the Broken Yolk off Carmel Mountain Road – which now also meets on a ZOOM I started called, Just Say No to Corona. And I have a Wed night Men's meeting as well."


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